Terrible video comes back to haunt Craig Berube in Toronto!

Terrible video comes back to haunt Craig Berube in Toronto!

What else did the new Maple Leafs’ head coach expect?

Chris Gosselin

The Toronto Maple Leafs formally introduced new head coach Craig Berube during a news conference on Tuesday.
As soon as he returned to Toronto however, Berube was quickly caught up by his past.

The former NHL enforcer, who is known top be an outspoken and frank head coach, has never been afraid to step over the lines, especially when he played in the league.

He surely has what it takes to handle the media madness in Canada, but as soon as his introductory presser was over, a video from 1997 resurfacing on social media in which it is announced that Berube had been suspended one game by the NHL for having made racist remarks and racial slurs towards Peter Worrell of the Florida Panthers.

Berube, who was a member of the Washington Capitals at the time, had called his opponent a monkey because of the color of his skin during an altercation between the two individuals.

These types of racist remarks were unacceptable at the time and are even less so today! Because he is now in the spotlight in Toronto, skeletons from his closet are coming out and being thrown on the public scene.

Here is the video below:

The bruising forward played for the Maple Leafs for one season in 1991-92. He was traded to Calgary in January of 1992 in a deal that saw Doug Gilmour acquired by the Maple Leafs.

Now, he is back as the head coach, and let’s just hope he won’t be caught making controversial and unacceptable comments like this with the Maple Leafs.

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