Terrifying details told by Milan Lucic’s estranged wife in 2023 alleged assault
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Terrifying details told by Milan Lucic’s estranged wife in 2023 alleged assault

The former Bruin is dealing with many consequences while the club is in the 2nd round of the postseason.

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Back in November, Bruins forward Milan Lucic, who was playing in his second tenure with Boston after returning as a free-agent to the team he began his NHL career with, was arrested following an alleged incident of domestic violence against his wife. Last month, Brittany Lucic filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences”.

The latest court filing were recently obtained by and recount the violent incident from November 2023 and how Brittany Lucic has demanded protection from her ex.

From the court filing, we read that Brittany filed a petition for a restraining order against Milan on May 10, just weeks after asking for a divorce from the 12-year marriage.

About the 2023 incident, Brittany claims that her then-husband was “extremely drunk” and went into “a fit of rage” where he allegedly strangled her as their children and their friends’ kids watched.

She also revealed how the altercation began when one a female’s name popped up on Lucic’s phone and she asked him about it. She claims that he “lunged at me and attempted to rip the phone out my hand,” causing the device to fall.

As she attempted to get away from Milan, he followed her, leading to the physical assault.

“He then grabbed me by my throat with his thumbs pressed against my windpipe so I could not breath [sic]. The force and momentum of him grabbing me caused me to lose my footing and stumble backwards, landing against a chair.”

As Brittany attempted to scream for help, she recalled that “her yells were “stifled by him placing his hand over my mouth.”

“Respondent’s attempted strangulation of me was in the presence of all the children, including our friends’ children. All the children were awake and heard what was going on and were incredibly scared,” Brittany said in the documents.

She later explained how she managed to break free and run out of the home to reach authorities. Milan Lucic was then charged with assault and battery over the incident — but the case was dismissed because Brittany refused to testify against him, citing, “it would be best for the family if he wasn’t convicted.”

With the restraining order, Brittany demands her ex be ordered to stay 100 yards away from her and their children. She has also stated that she has “not heard” from Milan since the alleged strangulation attempt.

Lucic hasn’t played for the Bruins since the incident. He had been playing on a one year, $1 million contract that included up to half a million dollars worth of performance bonuses, and had registered a pair of assists in the four games that he played in this season.

In 1,177 games with the Bruins, Los Angeles Kings, Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames, Lucic has racked up 233 goals, 353 assists, and 1301 PIM. He was also a key member of the 2011 Stanley Cup-winning Bruins squad. He is now watching the Bruins play against the Florida Panthers in the second round of the postseason.

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