Terrifying scene in the NHL tonight as the stretcher comes out for Scott Sabourin.

Sabourin seriously injured.

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We have a very scary incident in the National Hockey League this evening and unfortunately it is looking really bad right now.

I know a lot of fans in Ottawa are going to be upset with Boston Bruins veteran forward David Backes following this incident but I have got to be honest I do not believe that Backes was at fault at all here. In fact I think you can tell by the look on Backes face during the entire incident that he is absolutely devastated at what has just transpired and if Ottawa Senators forward Scott Sabourin ends up being seriously injured as a result of this I have no doubt that Backes will have his own road to recovery after this one. 

The Senators and the Bruins were facing off on Saturday night when what should have been a relatively routine hit turned very ugly for the aforementioned Sabourin. It was Sabourin himself who initiated this incident when he tried to deliver a big hit to David Backes following a clearing attempt from Backes, but unfortunately everything went terribly wrong. Sabourin delivered a jolting hit to Backes and although both men appeared to go shoulder to shoulder on the initial contact it seemed as though the whiplash of that contact may have caused both of their heads to collide on the play, immediately knocking out Sabourin in the process. 

It was obvious that Sabourin was out right away as he completely failed to protect himself as he fell to the ice, crashing face first into the ice hard playing surface. To his credit Backes immediately noticed that something was wrong with Sabourin and quickly began to signal to the Bruins medical staff that there was a desperate need for help out on the ice. Unfortunately in spite of the quick response from trainers it was several long minutes before Sabourin showed any signs of life, and you have to worry that he has been seriously injured here. 

The trainers needed only moments before signalling for a stretcher to be brought out onto the ice which also appears to be a bad sign here, but we will continue to hope that Sabourin has somehow avoided the worst of this.