The blockbuster trade everyone wants is never going to happen, says NHL insider

Don't hold your breath!

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The Matt Duchene saga has been discussed every single day from the beginning of the summer. The Colorado Avalanche forward has been on the trading block, and waiting to be moved before the start of training camp, but it hasn't happened. 

The 26-year-old showed up to the team's camp yesterday, unhappy to be in the locker room, while general manager Joe Sakic is still waiting a hefty return to let him go to a rival club. 

But according to Montreal NHL Insider You Pedneault, PLEASE, don't how your breath, he commented on 91,9 Sports radio

"Other NHL GMs are never going to pay what Sakic demands for Duchene," he explained, translated from French. Sakic is said to be looking for legit young defensemen or defensive prospects, and his is price is reportedly steep.

What about you? Do you believe it is going to happen?