The Columbus Frostys, Nashville Edge, Colorado Extreme and other rejected NHL team names

The true story of some ridiculous names proposed by NHL team owners and rejected by Gary Bettman.

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In their new book "Fabric of the Game: The Stories Behind the NHL's Names, Logos and Uniforms," authors Chris Creamer and Todd Radom share some truly crazy, off the wall stories about the NHL's 47 franchises - current, defunct, relocated, etc. - got their names and their look. These guys dig deep to uncover some of the craziest stories from behind the scenes and, truthfully, you have to read to book to believe some of these stories.

My particular favourite anecdotes are concerning team names that never came to be. Imagine the Nashville Predators were named the Nashville Gilette Edge? 

From the book:

Names that didn't stick: Columbus, the birthplace of the Wendy's fast-food chain, would have been home to the "Frostys" had burger magnate Dave Thomas gotten his way, Creamer and Radom write. For a time, the Avalanche's original owner, Charlie Lyons, purportedly wanted to rename the Nordiques the Rocky Mountain Extreme. Before the Predators took the ice in Nashville, Gary Bettman had to spike the name "Edge," the moniker of a shaving gel once sold by the SC Johnson conglomerate, the family business of owner Craig Leipold's wife Helen.

Imagine Joe Sakic handing the Stanley Cup off to Ray Bourque... both members of the Rocky Mountain Extreme... cringe...

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