The date has been set for the return of NHL camps.

A huge development.

Published 3 years ago
The date has been set for the return of NHL camps.

The National Hockey League has consistently spread the message that there will be hockey again this season and we may now have our first real sign of that truly becoming a reality. 

According to comments made by former National Hockey League All Star John Scott, players are set to resume camps for the remainder of the season starting on the 1st of June, a date that is roughly just one month away at the time of this writing. Scott made the comments on Twitter and did not reveal where he received the information, however as a former player there is no doubt he is very well connected within the league and seemed extremely confident in his report.

From Scott:

Just got word that the NHL camps will begin again June 1... European players are coming back soon #breaking

This is by far the biggest development we have had since the season was initially suspended and may in fact be the first development that we have seen of any real substance up until this point in time. There had been reports that the NHL was looking at potential neutral sites for a return to play but in the last several days it has become clear that a return to NHL cities that have a low number of cases is a much more likely scenario given the needs of the league and its broadcast partners when it comes to actually televising these games. 

Earlier today we covered a story in which the Premier of Alberta, Canada revealed that he had already spoken to NHL commissioner Gary Bettman about the possibility of using Edmonton as a potential location for the re-launch of the 2019 - 2020 NHL regular season and potentially even the playoffs as well. If Scott is indeed right about camps kicking off as early as June then it would makes sense for the league to quickly get a grasp of which cities would be open to hosting multiple teams in order for the league to finish out its remaining televised games for the regular season and playoffs. 

I will admit I was doubtful we would see this season reach a conclusion, but I no longer have any doubt that the NHL does indeed plan on moving forward with their games.