The Great One shares his thoughts on rumors of an All Canadian division.

The Great One is loving it.

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Although the current pandemic has made life very difficult for the National Hockey League and for the fans of that league, there may be one really great thing that comes out of all of this. There has been talk in recent weeks of splitting the teams up in new divisions that would create an easier path towards completing an NHL season, and one of the solutions proposed in that regard has been the possibility of an All Canadian division for the 2020 - 2021 NHL season.

Although there's no doubt plenty of work that still needs to go into the concept before it becomes a reality, the possibility of teams in close proximity to one another being forced to play each other multiple times per season frankly has me salivating at the thought. One need look no further than the amazing matchups we have seen over the years between teams like the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers, both in the state of Pennsylvania, or the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers, both in the province of Alberta, to see what kind of electrifying matchups a good rivalry can produce. 

While I think the idea has a lot of potential not everyone has been thrilled at the prospect, but my side gained another powerful voice over the weekend when The Great One himself commented on the possibility of it happening during an interview on SiriusXM satellite radio. Wayne Gretzky was giving an interview when he was asked about the possibility of the division moving forward next season, and not only did he think the idea was a good one, it also seemed to stir a little nostalgia inside the NHL legend. 

"It brought back great memories of being younger when the WHA was back in the 70's and they came up with this great idea to have the Calgary Cowboys, the Edmonton Oilers, Winnipeg Jets and the Toronto Toros, a Canadian Division," said Gretzky. "Yeah I think you gotta bend and move in different directions during this time, it's something new and unique but it will be exciting. I think it will be wonderful."

Gretzky seems to love the idea, how do you guys feel about it?