The KHL releases heartbreaking video in memory of Timur Faizutdinov

This is tough to watch. The 19-year-old Dyanmo St. Petersburg captain passed away on Tuesday after suffering an injury on the ice.


This is a tough one to watch.

The Kontinental Hockey League release a video in memory of 19-year-old Dyanmo St. Petersburg captain Timur Faizutdinov who passed away on Tuesday. 

Faizutdinov suffered a fracture of the temporal bone, a cerebral hemorrhage and damage to his carotid artery.

The 19-year-old defenseman collapsed and was treated on the ice by the team doctor and paramedics before being taken to a hospital in the city of Yaroslavl. He died Tuesday after “doctors fought for Timur’s life over the course of three days.” Eye witness accounts that emerged immediately following the incident suggested that Faizutdinov was struck in the area around his exposed ear and jawline. Doctors believed that he needed a life saving operation to repair his damage artery, however they were unable to perform it at the medical facility he was being held in, and doctor’s feared that he would not survive transportation to an appropriate medical facility. This was heartbreaking to find out that he had passed On Tuesday. 

This is a beautiful tribute to the young player, gone too soon: 


Teams held a moment of silence prior to playing after the tragic announcement of his passing. 

Our hearts go out to Timur’s family and teammates.