The latest on Leon Draisaitl's next contract

Will a deal get worked out?

Michael W.

The Edmonton Oilers are still feeling the sting of the disappointing loss to the Florida Panthers in the Stanley Cup Final last month, having come within one game of the franchise's first championship since 1990 and the nation of Canada's first title since 1993. 

Edmonton has already made several changes to their roster in terms of additions and subtractions, bringing in a handful of new faces while bidding goodbye to others. But one of the more intriguing story lines will be the future of star forward Leon Draisaitl, who has one year remaining on his current contract.

According to Jiri Poner, one of Draisaitl's agents, they are optimistic that a deal can get reached to keep him in Edmonton long term, possibly by next month while speaking with Eishockey NEWS. 

Poner indicated that he is “very confident that there will be an agreement with Edmonton in the end that both sides will be happy with." 

He also stated: 

"We have our ideas, but the ball is in Edmonton's court." 

“I can still remember the shitstorm Peter Chiarelli had to endure when he gave Leon the contract for $8.5 million a year,” he said, adding “(Draisaitl) has been playing at least 30 percent below his value for three years. But that’s not a complaint.”

Draisaitl is due for a significant raise, and the potential of an eight year deal with an AAV of $13.5 million has been floated by Evolving Hockey. 

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Source: Oiler Nation