The latest update on Jake Muzzin gets fans even more worried...

This is just sad and scary…



When Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Jake Muzzin suffered some form of a cervical spine injury back in October, the following updated hinted at a potential return or at least better understanding of his condition in late February. Fans are now impatiently waiting for that update and insider Darren Dreger believes the Maple Leafs will address it this week, but fan should not expect great news.

Per Dreger, “all indications suggest the veteran defenceman’s season is over. Not surprising, but it will provide clarity for the remainder of the year.”

The Maple Leafs confirmed Dreger's report later on Wednesday. 

When Muzzin was injured early into the 2022-23 season, it was the second time his career that he damaged his neck. It makes sense for the Maple Leafs to get a better understanding on Muzzin’s condition ahead of March 3rd, in order to use that cap space, perhaps in acquiring someone at the deadline, but the most important thing remains Muzzin’s health. On top of two concussions suffered last season, the blue liner and his family have to consider the long-term consequences.

While the fanbase in Toronto would love to have him on the roster for the playoff run, we all know that hockey comes second when health, family and long-term consequences are involved.

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