The Legend of Kessel grows with hilarious anecdote from former teammates!

They are going to love him in Arizona!

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Ever since he was finally traded to the Arizona Coyotes, Phil Kessel has gotten a lot of attention around the league. 

While some fans might focus on the bad stuff that came out of Pittsburgh when insider Rob Rossi revealed some controversial things about the veteran player and his off-ice behaviour, some former teammates have come out to talk about the lighter and funnier side of Kessel. 

That’s why former Toronto Maple Leafs teammate Joffrey Lupul did on Wednesday while on the air of the podcast with the Spittin Chiclets. 

He wanted to reveal more about Kessel and explained why he is the way he is. 

“He just wants to play hockey and that’s it, and joke around in the locker room. And he doesn’t necessarily want to work out. He wants to play ping pong. Can you blame a guy for that? He would say ‘I just scored 40…’’. 

This prompted former NHLer Ryan Whitney to share a hilarious anecdote about Kessel, which took place during the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. 

“I have a picture of him crushing nachos with a load of cheese. He got that at the women’s Gold medal Game and we were playing the next day for Gold in Vancouver. And he was like ‘I love this Nachos cheese.’ But then he was flying out there.”

Oh, Phil… How can you not love that guy?