The Lightning have once again made NHL fans furious!

How did you not learn after last year?

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After the overwhelming amount of negative publicity the Tampa Bay Lightning received for actions similar to this during last year's National Hockey League playoffs you would have thought a lesson had been learned. Then again perhaps this is a case of an organization believing any publicity is good publicity.

According to a report from the Pittsburgh Postr-Gazette's Elizabeth Bloom, the Lightning are back to their old tricks, and once again have instituted a ban on opposing team jersey's at their home arena.

From Elizabeth Bloom's report:

The Tampa Bay Lightning has barred fans from wearing visiting team gear in select areas of Amalie Arena during the 2015-16 playoffs, including seats in the first two rows and other high-priced sections.

It’s an effort to increase the team’s home-ice advantage and fend off transplants who moved to Florida in search of sunny weather but never left their home team behind. The policies, according to the team’s website, bar any attire, apparel, clothing, accessories, flags, noisemakers and other gear “branded with the name, logo, or registered mark(s) of the then-current 2015-2016 playoff opponent of the Lightning” — in this case, the Penguins.

The Lightning instituted the same policy last season when Canadiens fans had a strong presence in their building in the playoffs, and it appears fear of the same has led them to make another questionable decision in 2016. It's likely to be met with the same level of disapproval from fans as well.