The Montreal Canadiens opt for a very unpopular decision!

That was certainly unexpected.

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Outrage has spread in Montreal following the announcement that the Canadiens would charge an additional $150 per seat for the acquisition of printed tickets. This comes after the team had confirmed via a letter addressed to season-ticket holders that tickets for the 2017-2018 season would solely be available in mobile format.

Some believe that the organization is not taking into consideration individuals who may not possess smartphones, or the likes. In an interview with the Montreal Gazette, one long-term season ticket holder had this to say in regards to the situation:

“They don’t think about this stuff […]. And if you read the letter, you’ll see that they just jammed it at the bottom of the letter with this nice little surprise. I’d be willing to bet that 99 per cent of the season-ticket holders will opt for this extra fee. Soon they’ll be charging to use the urinal and escalator, or breathe the air from your seats.”

In contrast, David Pascal who was also interviewed by the Gazette welcomed the change

“I’m a big proponent of technology. Honestly, I really don’t mind having it on my phone. … It’s just so much easier. You don’t lose them when they’re on your phone.”

The Habs have sold out every home game since January 8, 2004 and, despite the change in policy, the trend should continue throughout 2017-2018 NHL season. Season ticket holders have until August 2nd to purchase their seats