The most complicated trade in a decade has occurred tonight!


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When it comes to Trade Deadline deals, things can get a little convoluted. However, the blockbuster deal that occurred tonight takes the cake and eats it too.

As first reported by ESPN's Pierre LeBrun, the St. Louis Blues and Washington Capitals have agreed to a deal that sent defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk to the Caps. In exchange, the Blues acquired Washington's first-round pick this summer, a complex conditional selection in the 2019 NHL Draft, along with forwards Zach Sanford and Brad Malone. 

Washington will also re-acquire 25-year-old goaltender Phoenix Copley as part of the agreement. In addition, St. Louis reportedly retained 39 percent of Shattenkirk's $4.25-million salary to complete the transaction, according to TSN's Darren Dreger.

This deal is by far the most complicated in years, as that complex conditional pick has huge ramifications for both teams.

This is how the trade breaks down completely:

 - If Washington re-signs Shattenkirk OR advances to the Eastern Conference Final AND plays in 50% of first two playoff rounds, St. Louis will receive a second round pick in 2019.

- If Washington trades Shattenkirk on/before July 1, St. Louis will receive a seventh round draft pick. HOWEVER, should the return be a 4th round pick or earlier, then instead of a seventh rounder St. Louis will receive the next available pick two rounds later than the earliest pick received by Washington. If the latter happens, St. Louis will retain 39% of Shattenkirk's salary.

For example, if Washington makes a trade and receives a third rounder for him, St. Louis receives a 5th and still picks up the 39% of his salary.

The Capitals were clearly extremely motivated to acquire Shattenkirk, as this deal took a lot of moving and shaking to complete.

Is that complicated enough for you hockey fans?