The NHL announces discipline for dangerous hit that knocked out Mcquaid.

Suspension levied for this dangerous hit.

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It was a devastating hit, and it left Boston Bruins forward Adam McQuaid unconscious and unmoving on the ice, and it comes as little surprise that a suspension has followed.

The National Hockey League's Department of Player Safety has announced a two game suspension of Washington Capitals "forward" Zach Sill, for what they deemed an illegal check along the boards.

While many fans in Boston will likely feel that two games may not be enough of a punishment for such a hit on a core player, the NHL cited Sill's lack of any previous offenses as a major determining factor in the punishment, which seems like sound reasoning. This despite the fact that one must take into account that Sill has barely played at the NHL level at all.

For a full break down of the decision watch the video below.