The NHL's 5 hardest shots of the season... so far.
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The NHL's 5 hardest shots of the season... so far.

Which player has fired off the hardest shot of the 2023-24 NHL season... so far?

Jonathan Larivee

A few years ago the National Hockey League started tracking a number of stats and collecting that data through the NHL Edge program, giving fans and pundits a deeper look into some of the details in our favorite sport.

One of the stats that is now regularly tracked by NHL Edge is shot speed and over the weekend a new hardest shot was established for the 2023-24 regular season when the New Jersey Devils' Colin Miller fired off a blast that clocked in at a whopping 102.59 miles per hour. Miller accomplished the feat as he and the Devils were taking on the Dallas Stars and all I can say is I'm just glad it went off the blocker of Stars goaltender Scott Wedgewood rather than another human being.

Miller though isn't the only player to have fired off a rocket this season with several players breaking the 100+ mph mark already. Here are the top 5 hardest shots so far this season as per NHL Edge Data:

Colin Miller (New Jersey Devils) - 102.59 mph
Darren Raddysh (Tampa Bay Lightning) - 102.40 mph
Radko Gudas (Anaheim Ducks) - 101.69 mph
Erik Karlsson (Pittsburgh Penguins) - 101.54 mph
Travis Sanheim (Philadelphia Flyers) - 101.49 mph