The NHL's most memorable Halloween costumes of the past.

Some of these are off the chain.

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year. The parties are a blast for sure but there's just nothing that can really compete with the pure visual spectacle that Halloween and the events surrounding the holiday provides. 

Every single year, thanks to the amazing creativity that many of you out there regularly display, I find myself blown away by the sheer genius behind some of the ideas and even at times due to just how far some people are willing to push the boundaries of good taste with their costume ideas. The National Hockey League is no exception to this rule and over the years some of the league's players have come up with some truly amazing, and sometimes horrifying, ideas. I'm sure this year will be no different, but before we get to this year's costumes lets take a look at some of the most memorable costumes of the past. 

The Boston Bruins: Zdeno Chara, Jordan Caron, Brad Marchand and Adam Mcquaid.

Hockey players always go above and beyond the call of duty and that was exactly the case for these Bruins when they visited sick kids in the hospital on Halloween. The Bruins were in full get up including Chara in his now infamous and terrifying pink bunny costume, Caron as a Crayon no doubt meant to be a play on his name, and McQuaid as Fred Flintstone.

Marc Andre Fleury and wife Veronique LaRose.

Fleury is notorious for his pranks around the league so it comes as no surprise to me that he is also the kind of guy who goes all out on Halloween. In 2017 Fleury's agent Allan Walsh published this hilarious picture of the couple dressed as plastic toy soldiers on their way to a team party.

Connor McDavid and girlfriend Lauren Kyle.

This one also comes from 2017 and it features Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid who will be the first controversial entrant on the list. McDavid and Kyle pulled off a pretty good Donald Trump and Melania Trump that year for Halloween, and although it did cause a bit of a stir at the time it was definitely memorable.


It has been one year since Gritty donned his stunning and beautiful tribute to Wonder Woman and even a year later I still can't help but chuckle. Gritty has become quite popular since his inception and stunts like this are the reason why.

P.K. Subban.

In 2014 Francophone Montreal blog 25 Stanley published photos of Subban pulling off a pretty damn convincing interpretation of the zombie Michael Jackson from the iconic "Thriller" music video. The young Subban looks like he was just pulled off of a shoto for that very video.

Jonathan Toews and Adam Burish.

This might just be my personal bias clouding things, I love this movie, but I think Toews and Burish pulled this one off pretty darn well. The two Chicago Blackhawks are of course Harry and Larry from cult classic comedy movie "Dumb and Dumber."

Raffi Torres.

Torres would get in big, big, trouble these days if he tried to sport this costume. In 2011 he dressed up as legendary New York rapper Jay-Z, but the lengths to which he went to pull off the look are now frowned upon in our ever increasingly politically correct society. I would not have included it on this list if I felt that Torres meant it as anything other than a tribute to the rap icon, and I suspect the same was true for Paul Bissonnette who published the picture on social media at the time.