The old John Tortorella is back!

It's gonna be painful.

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The old John Tortorella is back! Not the big bad John who used to swear at medias, the old Tortorella who won a Stanley Cup in 2004 with the Tampa Bay Lightning!

The head coach new/old mantra can be seen on top of the Blue Jackets locker room door "Safe is Death". As Tortorella is the leader of a young Jackets' team for the second season, his first with an offseason to prepare, he felt it was time to bring back his old mantra. Safe is Death is the headline of a hockey culture who glorifies the art and pain of blocking shots, sacrificing your body.

“Sometimes I’m not sure which is more important: Blocking that shot or the reaction on the bench when it happens. And for us especially with a young group here, a young 'D' and I think a team trying to redefine its culture, I think it’s so important.” said Tortorella.

The new Blue Jackets are trying to gain respect across the league and this might be John's way to earn it.