The real reason Patrick Roy quit the team revealed!

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Legendary National Hockey League goaltender Patrick Roy shocked the world when he quit his position as head coach of the Colorado Avalanche, but now we may have a clearer picture of why he made that decision.

On Tuesday during a segment for Insider Trading TSN's Bob McKenzie revealed that many suspect Roy was motivated by what he saw in his future if he remained behind the Avs bench.

"There are many that believe that this Avs plummet to the basement is precisely the reason why head coach Patrick Roy resigned in the summer, rather than continue to be a part of it. He knew this was likely coming, and if this came with him behind the bench the logical move would be.... to let the coach go."

If McKenzie is right, Roy may have wished to avoid being made a scapegoat for a losing team and there were signs Roy saw this coming early last season. Rumors of disagreement between Roy and general manager Joe Sakic over personnel decisions persisted and it seems Roy believed the team was being steered in the wrong direction. Given the performance from the club this season it seems he may have been correct, and chose to go out on his own terms as a result.

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