The Red Wings may have made a big mistake in the offseason.

Analyst believes one of Detroit's moves was a big mistake.

The Red Wings may have made a big mistake in the offseason.

The Detroit Red wings made a number of moves this summer, but not everyone is a fan of the decision made by the organization.

In a recent article TSN analyst Travis Yost detailed why he feels that general manager Ken Holland made a major misstep when he signed defenseman Danny Dekeyser to a six year deal worth $30 million.

From Yost:

I think they made the wrong choice.

Like many of my grievances with player valuations on the defensive side, I can’t reconcile the term or dollar amount of the contract with the DeKeyser we know – a defender who doesn’t belong on a first pairing and who has struggled to move the needle in any meaningful way since becoming a full-time player in the 2013-14 season.

At the end of the day for Yost, it comes down to both the commitment and money versus the actual contributions from Dekeyser. Yost believes the contract he received is worthy of a top four defenseman, but believes that Dekeyser has only sparingly shown that level of form, and furthermore suggested that at  27 years old Dekeyser has likely already peaked.

Ultimately, I’d be curious about how Detroit reconciles this against the contract they just gave DeKeyser. He’s going to be paid like a top-four defenceman for the next six years, even though he was infrequently that guy during his peak performance ages.

It's far too early to tell, but at least one respected analyst believes the Red Wings have made a poor judgement call here.