The Salary Cap might force the management to move veteran player.

Are you guys ready to pay that price to rebuild?

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As we are heading to the last stretch of the season some teams are highly increasing their playoffs spot chances. Others who are forgetting about a playoffs stretch, might already be looking forward to rebuild for the future. 

But the fans have to be aware of one thing : Rebuilding takes time, difficult time. It also means being patient with the rookies and giving them a real chance as much in victory as in defeat.

The Hockey News raised an interesting point regarding the Detroit Red Wings as captain Henrik Zetterberg still has 4 years left to his contract and he is now 35 years old.

"The most pertinent question revolves around Detroit lifer Henrik Zetterberg. The captain is 35 years old with four more seasons left on his deal after this year. His cap hit is north of $6 million."

"Zetterberg can still be a great mentor for the next generation of Red Wings, but the salary cap side of things will only justify that for another season or two, tops." as per Ryan Kennedy from The Hockey News.

This is an example of what tough decision means when rebuilding time comes. Are you guys ready to pay that price to rebuild?