The Stanley Cup posts hilarious tweets as playoffs would have started today!

​We better laugh about it, than cry I guess!

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My friends, it is true, if the world hadn’t come to a terrible halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Hockey League playoffs would have kicked off today, with most likely four games of the first round on the air tonight. 

Aaaaah, man. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some playoff action right now? 

Instead of crying about it, the NHL wants us to have keep positive and maybe that’s why the Stanley Cup itself (remember it has its own Twitter account) has posted a few tweets that will make you smile: 

“The Playoffs would’ve started today. My day would’ve consisted of appearances, greeting excited fans and gearing up for the best postseason in sports. Instead, I’m self-isolating in my case until it is safe to come out again. Don’t worry, though… I’m comfy in here.”

We can definitely get inspired from the Cup itself, and stay home and safe until we can come out and play again.