The terrifying details of how Ben Bishop survived a tornado and how Jamie Benn rescued his family

Now THAT'S a captain! Incredible story

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If you’re not aware, a tornado touched down in Dallas, Texas Sunday night about 9:30pm local time and wreaked havoc on northern Dallas and Fort Worth.

CNN is reporting that more than 100,000 customers are without power in the Dallas metropolitan area and that untold millions of dollars of damage has been inflicted on buildings, vehicles and infrastructure.

“Considering the path that the storm took, it went across a pretty densely populated part of our city, I think we should consider ourselves very fortunate that we did not lose any lives, no fatalities and no serious injuries in last night’s storm,” Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson said in a news conference Monday morning.

At least three people have been hospitalized as a result of the twister, but so far there are no reports of any deaths. 

Dallas Stars players Tyler Seguin and Ben Bishop have both been affected, to put it lightly, by the tornado. Seguin’s home, which happened to be listed on the market, was DESTROYED by the natural disaster:

As for Bishop, he, his wife and their young child were forced to spend the night at captain Jamie Benn’s house after the tornado ripped the roof off the Bishop household. Bishop shared the horrific details with Sean Shapiro in a feature for The Athletic. Read below for some truly jaw-dropping quotes from Bishop himself:

“I changed the channel and I went to look outside, and they said there was a tornado at the tollway,” Bishop said. “So I grabbed my child and we ran into the bathroom. I went to peek out my closet window and the trees were blowing, so I ran right back into the bathroom.”
“It probably lasted 10 seconds,” Bishop said. “You could hear all the debris hitting the house.”
“It was pretty scary,” Bishop said. “Because once the windows broke, I wasn’t sure if the roof was coming off, too.”
Once things calmed down, Bishop received a phone call from Benn.
“I told him there were some windows broken and whatnot, then my phone died,” Bishop said. “Forty-five minutes later, Jamie was at my door.”
The Bishop family spent the evening at the Benn household and will continue to do so until their home can be repaired. Now THAT’S a captain.
“You just want to start crying,” Bishop said. “People are just standing at their homes in shock. And you see it on the news, but to see it first-person, it’s extremely sad. But to think how close we were to being a street away … it could have been us. I think everybody is OK, and that’s the main thing, because a lot of that stuff can be replaced and family can’t.”

Once again, thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected in the Dallas / Forth Worth area.

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