The truth comes out on Coyotes’ real arena as insider refutes “sensationalized” reports!

No more lies, it’s all here:


When the Arizona Coyotes released their ticketing information for the 2022-23 season at their new 5,000 seat capacity arena in Tempe, Arizona, it made headlines everywhere. That sounded so ridiculous for an NHL franchise. But it didn’t stop there. It got… well, let’s say interesting.

It especially got interesting on Tuesday when it was reported by many media outlets, including The Athletic and TSN, that the Coyotes won’t even be allowed to put their logo at center ice and will instead have to play with the ASU logo on the ice for home games.

The sensationalized report got to Coyotes insider Craig Morgan, who went on social media and TV to explain what the deal is really about.

He first had to explain the “good behavior” clause that made the headlines everywhere. Morgan spoke to an ASU spokesperson, who confirmed that the university requests such clauses for these types of agreements. This is standard ASU ops.

Then, about the logo. It will be on the ice. The report was misinterpreted and sensationalized, but Morgan explains:

“As for some interpretations that the Coyotes won’t be able to put their logo at center ice at ASU’s multi-purpose arena, that is incorrect.

Both teams’ identities will be reflected.

All that the agreement stipulates is that the Coyotes cannot alter anything ASU puts into the ice.”

Morgan has called out the untrue reports in this online rant: 

Morgan has been reporting on the Coyotes for years now, and he had pointed out all of these details a few weeks ago. The details took a weird turn when the logo element was made the center piece of many different reports, which prompted Morgan to come back out with the real details to clear up the Coyotes' situation.