The vote is in, the Coyotes are DONE in Arizona.
Arizona Coyotes  

The vote is in, the Coyotes are DONE in Arizona.

Tempe “resoundingly rejects” Coyotes' new arena. Gary Bettman and team owners now looking at relocation options.



This just in, the City of Tempe, Arizona has "resoundingly rejected" the Arizona Coyotes application for a new arena in downtown Tempe.

Multiple NHL insiders are reporting that the Coyotes and the NHL will now pivot and will likely look at relocation options for the sad sack franchise. Meanwhile, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has also released a statement.

More insight from around the media:

Needless to say, it appears that this finally, mercifully ends the Coyotes' spectacular failure in the Arizona desert.

Where to? Houston? Quebec City? Kansas City?

Honestly... it's about damn time.

This is a team that plays in a minor league building with a 5,000 capacity, who forces both the home and visiting teams to get dressed in a beer league locker room and who haven't been relevant in the standings in years, if ever. 

The Coyotes are THE laughing stock of North American professional sports. Period.

This team just continues to flabbergast me with news out of their organization, to the point where I'm beginning to wonder if this might actually just be a bad dream? Did Bettman and the NHL forget that the Coyotes were literally KICKED OUT of their arena for not paying rent? This is a pro sports franchise that was told to kick rocks and then they went to a nearby University and groveled their way into playing alongside them in their tiny building. If I didn't know any better it would read like the script of a Will Ferrell movie ala the basketball comedy "Semi-Pro". Which, now that I think about it, is the perfect summation of the Coyotes... Semi-Pro.

I understand that there are true Coyotes fans out there and I genuinely feel for those people, but the fact of the matter is that NHL hockey in the Arizona desert has been a terrible idea from the absolute beginning. It's time to cut the tens of millions of losses and move elsewhere. Every option has been exhausted. Enough is enough.

Again, I don't wish ill on anyone but I hope for the future health of the NHL as a whole that the Coyotes end up being relocated to a different market like Houston, Kansas City or Quebec City. Hell, even a minor league city like Saskatoon, Hartford, Grand Rapids or Louisville would be a better place than Arizona at this rate.

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