The worst is confirmed for 19 year old Samuel Savoie.

The worst is confirmed for 19 year old Samuel Savoie.

The bad news that many expected has been confirmed by Samuel Savoie's junior team.

Jonathan Larivee

Although most of us expected that there would not be a happy ending to this story, it is still very unfortunate to learn that what many feared has now been confirmed.

On Saturday night, 19 year old Chicago Blackhawks prospect Samuel Savoie suffered a serious injury when he went crashing legs first into the boards after a failed attempt at a body check. Now we know the nature of that injury, an injury to the young man's femur, has also forced Savoie to undergo surgery at a medical facility in Minnesota.

Savoie's injury was so severe that he was unable to travel with the team and his junior team, The Gatineau Olympiques, confirmed that Savoie underwent a surgical procedure earlier this morning to repair the damage to his leg.

Unfortunately with that medical update also comes news that Savoie has now been ruled out "indefinitely" and I can't help but wonder if his season has come to an end before it even officially got underway.

For those of you who did not witness the incident last night, you can see the full video of the injury and the subsequent response from medical staff on site as they carried Savoie off the ice on a stretcher.