The worst shootout attempt in the history of hockey?

The worst shootout attempt in the history of hockey?

A ridiculously bad shootout attempt has been caught on camera, and it may be the worst attempt of all time.

Jonathan Larivee

This is the kind of moment that hockey players have nightmares about, the kind of nightmares that leave you waking up in a cold sweat.

A video is making the rounds on social media that showcases perhaps what is the worst shootout attempt of all time.

I don't have much information to share about the location or the teams involved, the logos for both the National Hockey League's Philadelphia Flyers and the American Hockey League's Lehigh Valley Phantoms are both prominently on display in the arena.

In the video we can see a man making a shootout attempt, one in which he barely crosses the blue line. In fact well before he even makes it to the blue line things have already started going badly, with the player quickly losing his balance and sliding awkwardly through the neutral zone. As he crosses the blue line we get perhaps one of the funniest moments you're ever going to see, as the player plummets to the ice in very comical fashion.

He somehow, well before even reaching the face off circles, ends up face first on the ice with one of his legs sticking straight up into the air after a truly horrible shootout attempt.

The way he so aggressively face planted himself into the ice, you would have thought the man was trying to grow a hockey tree.