Theo Fleury gets destroyed on social media following deranged rant

He was never called a coward, but now things are different...


On Monday, former NHL superstar got people talking when he posted and then quickly deleted a post in which he claims that pedophiles and child predators will be able to easier track potential victims due to vaccine passport mandates. Here’s the Tweet in question:

We know how Fleury has enjoyed taking on this new role of a charismatic, outspoken online social media warrior. Scroll Fleury’s Twitter account and you’ll be treated to Justin Trudeau hatred, COVID-19 misinformation and just general tinfoil hat style conspiracy theories. I should actually give Fleury a little more credit because it’s clear that he’s trying to expose the truth behind political corruption and expose our corrupted elected officials, but sometimes he goes a little too far off the deep end.

Like the aforementioned post… So when he posted a picture of a former billboard to defend himself which states that he has been calling many names on the ice, but never a coward, one fan was quick to destroy him by replying to his post. Check it out: 

Cleary fans would prefer to see Fleury apologize for his rant. In any case, Fleury clearly had a change of heart as he quickly deleted the post just minutes after it went live. 

But fans still demand an explanation and keep going after Fleury on social media…