Theo Fleury goes on deranged rant against vaccine passports.

So bizarre.


There has been plenty of debate in both Canada and the United States surrounding the use of vaccine passports but thus far I don't think anyone anywhere in the world has come out with a take as hot as the one that was just dropped by former National Hockey League star Theo Fleury.

Fleury has never been one to shy away from controversy, both during his time in the NHL and after his career on the ice, and lately he has used his social media platforms to express his opinion on a wide variety of topics, including of course the idea of introducing a vaccine passport. In a now deleted tweet Fleury went on what I can only describe as a deranged rant when it comes to the passport, suggesting that the whole thing was somehow connected to pedophilia.

"With vaccine passports the pedophiles will know where your kids are at all times," wrote Fleury in a tweet that has since been taken down.

Of course several users were quick to capture a screenshot of the tweet before Fleury was able to delete it, here is one such screenshot:

Now, many have been quick to mock Fleury for the comments and many more have been quick to attack him for making what is unquestionably a ridiculous statement but I must admit that I, however, feel a great deal of sympathy for the man. I genuinely have to wonder if the trauma he himself suffered as a young man could be playing a role in shaping the opinion he has on this particular topic.

As many, if not most, of you reading this will already know, Fleury himself was the victim of abuse at the hands of a sexual predator when he was sexually abused by former hockey coach Graham James. James acknowledged that the accusations were true and subsequently pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years in prison for his actions.

To be clear here I am not trying to make excuses for Fleury's wild ramblings, but it is somewhat difficult not to draw a parallel between the subject matter being discussed and the personal trauma that Fleury himself faced in life.