There is now a winner in the Radulov derby!

He moves to a team that has improved immensely in a short while.

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After so many rumors and guessing, Alexander Radulov has made his choice. He will be playing in Dallas, with the Stars, for the next five years. 

Now that's quite the contract for a guy who a year before had trouble finding a suitable NHL team to sign with! His reputation was reestablished in Montreal and he took advantage of his performance fully. Now, why go to Dallas instead of staying in Montreal? Tax could be a big factor. 

Facts to which Radulov had a weird answer. 

The Habs made the same proposition but Radulov decided to go to Texas ''because he didn't have any other options''. Well, money is a pretty enticing argument if you ask us, but it's part of the business. As Marc Bergevin, Habs' GM, said yesterday...

With Radulov moving to Texas, the Stars have made a huge turn around in a quick sequence during the off-season. 

It seems the upper management didn't like last season's results! 

Welcome to Texas, Radu!