There's the most embarrassing mistake on Gretzky and gorgeous daughter’s sponsored ad!

Wow! They clearly know nothing about the Great One and Paulina…

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If you like our pages, there is no way you don’t know about Wayne Gretzky and his personal life. 

You know how Janet was thrilled that her husband was traded from the Edmonton Oilers to the Los Angeles to help her get her acting career underway. You know they have five kids, and one of them, the oldest is daughter Paulina, who often makes headlines with sexy pictures, revealing outfits and stunning looks. 

So, let’s say you don’t know Wayne - you have to know Paulina… Right? 

Well wrong for this company, who posted a sponsored ad text on Gretzky on Tuesday about his modest home. The headline reads: 

At 58, NHL legend Wayne Gretzky lives in modest house with his partner.

However, they took a picture of Wayne, holding his daughter Paulina to promote the article… 

Face palm. Make it a double. 

Now, we all make mistakes, but you can be sure that this one hasn’t gone unnoticed. 

They might want to fact-check some more before investing in articles like this one.