Therrien & Canadiens players react to Price's pulling

Therrien: “We wanted to send a message to our team”

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Carey Price has 5 games with a save percentage under 0.900%, and last night was one of them. It was a tough night for Price, tough to see how awful were the players in front of him. They lacked discipline and gave one of the best power-play in the league four opportunities in the first period alone. When they were playing even strength hockey, they weren't able to create any momentum and defensively; total collapse.

Michel Therrien pulled Carey out of the game after he allowed his fourth goal of the night which lead to a long, dramatic stare.

After the game, head coach Michel Therrien explained why he pulled him out. "We wanted to send a message to our team and in the meantime we wanted to give ourself a chance to bring him back tomorrow, because he's fresh."

As for the players, they all said they didn't see Carey's stare at the bench, well off course.

Carey Price wasn't available to the media after the game.