Things get nasty between Ducks and Panthers

​Liambas and Haley throw down with reckless abandon!

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It’s not often that the Anaheim Ducks and Florida Panthers get together for a bit of the rough stuff. But last night the East/West showdown was on at the Honda Center in Anaheim. Fairly early in a 0-0 tie, Ducks forward Mike Liambas and Panthers forward Micheal Haley decided to heat things up with a top notch scrap.

The two veteran enforcers squared off near center ice and both landed a few big shots. We’ll give the nod to Liambas though as he landed a quick flurry at the end before taking Haley down.

Check it out:

Again… slight victory to Liambas. We would have loved to see these two big men go for round two, but unfortunately it never happened.