Things get worse for Panthers’ travel plans to Edmonton in time for Game 3

Things get worse for Panthers’ travel plans to Edmonton in time for Game 3

The NHL is about to make a statement on the team’s travel issues:

Chris Gosselin

Latest updates below: 

Earlier today, we shared with you that the Florida Panthers were having issues with their departure time out of Miami to make their way to Edmonton ahead of Game 3 against the Oilers.

It was George Richards who reported earlier today that the “monsoon which has impacted South Florida the past two days is affecting the Panthers flight to Edmonton.” Players were still waiting for updates and to board the plane at that time.

Things have gotten worse since, with insider Chris Johnston now reporting that the Panthers, who were scheduled to meet with media members later tonight in Edmonton, will not make it on time for the press conference. The team is only expected to reach Edmonton later tonight, and that’s if things don’t get even worse with the weather in Miami.

Johnston also believes the NHL will be forced to cancel the press conference by the Panthers and are likely to make an official announcement soon.

“The NHL had scheduled a Florida Panthers media availability for approximately 6 p.m. local time in Edmonton. Nothing official from the league yet, but it seems likely to be cancelled due to the team’s travel issues.

"It will be an evening arrival, at best, for Florida before Game 3.”

The delay is raising some concerns seeing that the Panthers need to make a six-plus hour flight 2,543 miles to the other side of the continent.

When they arrive in Canada, the Panthers will have momentum on their side as they hold a 2-0 series lead. Historically speaking, teams that hold a 2-0 series lead in the Stanley Cup Final are 49-5 all time.

For now, let’s hope the Panthers can make it out to Edmonton safely. And in time for Game 3 Thursday night.

UPDATE: Finally, according to Emily Kaplan of ESPN, the Panthers' plane took off around 4h30ETPM late on Wednesday afternoon.

"Hearing the Panthers plane just took off after several delays in South Florida. They won’t get into Edmonton until late Wednesday night.

Thursday has an early puck drop, 6:20 MT."