Things turning ugly in cost-costing trade for Evander Kane in Edmonton

Things turning ugly in cost-costing trade for Evander Kane in Edmonton

What a mess.

Chris Gosselin

The Oilers started off easy with the whole Evander Kane situation, when president and interim GM Jeff Jackson revealed that the forward is battling a hip injury and a sports hernia, and that both camps are evaluating his situation for his future in Edmonton.
But the rumours said that the Oilers are actively attempting to trade Kane in a cost-cutting trade, as he has two years left on his contract with an AAV of $5.125 million. If Edmonton can pull off a trade, they would free up $2.5 million they must shed to become cap-compliant before their season opener in October.

However, Kane carries a full no-movement clause until Feb. 28, when it becomes a 15-team no-trade list, and as Oilers Now host Bob Stauffer explained: “You just can’t snap your fingers and move out Evander Kane.”

And there is more to that. I can’t imagine Kane being willing to waive his clause only for a limited number of teams, and those clubs could be unwilling to have him in their dressing room due to his reputation. And add to that his cap hit.

Stauffer added: “I got to tell you I don’t know how this is going to play out with Evander Kane because if they get the Evander Kane from two years ago that is a Top 6 forward. Realistically he has the physical skillset to be a 30-goal scorer in this league. And he has not done it a lot. He can score 20 in his sleep… But now the problem, there are two other guys (new signings) in the mix, Jeff Skinner, who has had six 30-goal season and Viktor Arvidsson, who has scored 30 and has had six 20 goal seasons.”

Reports have recently stated that the Oilers haven’t approached Kane about waiving his clause, but that could change.
Then, the animosity will come, because let’s be honest, we all know the character of the winger, who has been frustrated with his playing time and role in Edmonton this season, and who knows, he may not appreciate the fact no one really sees him as a part of the Oilers’ lineup next season.

Edmonton needs to do what’s best for the roster, especially after coming so close to winning the Stanley Cup. They are tight on cash and have to keep in mind the pending re-signings of key players like Leon Draisaitl and Evan Bouchard.

I feel like a Kane trade will soon surface, and we will know ahead of time because it will turned ugly before long in Edmonton.

Source: Oilers Now host Bob Stauffer explained