This is the end for Jeff Skinner in Buffalo

This is the end for Jeff Skinner in Buffalo

The move has been reported for a while now, but it’s to be made official:

Chris Gosselin

Heading into the first buyout window, Buffalo Sabres veteran Jeff Skinner has been mentioned more than once as a top buyout candidate. On Wednesday morning, it appears that the move will be made official as
Chad DeDominicis reports the Sabres will get it done:

“Multiple sources have confirmed to me the Sabres will buy out the last 3 years of Skinner’s contract barring an unforeseen trade.”

Skinner remains a productive player, putting up some career numbers and could be picking up right where he left off in 2023-24. This past season, he took part in 74 regular-season games this season, posting 24 goals, 46 points, and a minus-2 rating.

He is still however after a feat he has yet to accomplish despite being within striking distance of 1,000 games next season at 932 games played. On the list of players closing in on the big number, he is the only one that could do so before playing a game in the playoffs. I sincerely believe he deserves to be in the postseason and could be a game-changer for any contender if given the chance.

While there has been some trade rumours, there is a sense that the Sabres would need to retain some of his $9 million cap hit until the end of the 2026-27 season to make it happen.

Or else, it could come as a buyout sooner rather than later. We will find out soon enough. The league's first buyout period opens tomorrow and runs through Sunday at 5 p.m. ET.