Thomas Hickey names his “Most Underrated Player in the NHL”

Thomas Hickey names his “Most Underrated Player in the NHL”

Former NHL player Thomas Hickey heaped a ton of praise on a very young player in the National Hockey League.

Jonathan Larivee

Former National Hockey League player Thomas Hickey has just paid a young NHL player a massive compliment.

Over the weekend, Hickey and his colleagues over at the NHL Network were making their picks for their breakout player of the 2023-24 season when Hickey dropped a huge compliment on Ottawa Senators defenseman Jake Sanderson.

Not only did Hickey shower the young man with praise, but he topped it all off by declaring Sanderson the most underrated player in the league.

"I thought last year it was a breakout season," said Hickey of Sanderson. "To me when I watched him, a first year pro coming out of college, to be that good defensively I have not seen that before.

"The way he defended, the way he started plays out of his own end, his offensive work on the blueline, his footwork, he has every single tool. I thought he was the most underrated player in the NHL last year."

As if that wasn't already enough, Hickey continued to heap praise on Sanderson suggesting that he was a cornerstone piece for a franchise.

"He is special, special, special," said Hickey. "This is a guy you build a franchise around, I believe he is that good."

You can hear Hickey's praise and his full comments on Sanderson in the short clip below.