Three Canadian teams now fight over same helmet advertisements for the 2021 NHL season

The same logo on way too many helmets…


The 2021 season is just days away, but fans still have mixed emotions when the National Hockey League announced that it was “investigating possibility of selling ads on players’ helmets” as a way to generate income during a season in which it looks like they will have no ticket revenue. We’ve seen several teams’ announcements to reveal their helmet sponsorship for the upcoming season. For example, the New Jersey Devils and Washington Capitals showed off their new look in the past week; the Devils announced that the team will wear a Prudential logo on their helmets for the upcoming 2021 season, while the Caps announced that they’ll partner with Capital One for their helmet sponsorship in 2021.

In Canada, things are a little more complicated as it looks like three teams will be partnering up with the same company. It was revealed earlier this month that the Winnipeg Jets and Montreal Canadiens would have the same partners, and now the Ottawa Senators are getting in the mix with the same advertising company. 

It has been rumoured that Bell would be advetissed on the Habs’ helmet, which has been expected they do play at the Bell Center after all, however, it sounds like the Jets are also opting to go with ‘Bell’ as the team’s sponsor on the prime helmet real estate, per reporter Carter Brooks.  On top of that, insider Bruce Garrioch has reported that the Senators will will wear the Bell logo on their helmets at home and the Canadian Tire logo on the road this season. Both are major sponsors of the team and building.

That’s quite the money maker there! It will be an exceptional publicity stunt for the company during the games in which the Canadiens, the Jets and the Senators will meet on the ice this season.

We bet it will make for a good rivalry as well!