Three goalies take part in Leafs’ practice in Edmonton

Then coach Keefe to make unexpected decision for tomorrow’s starter!

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The Toronto Maple Leafs jumped on the ice in Edmonton Friday, ready to fix what went wrong in the third period of their game on Thursday against the Calgary Flames. Ahead of the matchup against the Oilers on Saturday, the Leafs cannot drop the ball like they did against the other Alberta team. 

However, TSN insider Kristen Shilton did not focus on the hard work during Friday’s practice, but instead first tweeted that there were three goalies on the ice during the skates. As she points out, Frederik Andersen, Michael Hutchinson (in technically the Leafs net, for whatever that’s worth) and who she assumed was a local guy. 

After she noticed that Trevor Moore could be close to making a return to action, she made the assumption that Hutchinson would get the start against the Oilers on Saturday. 

However, after chatting with head coach Sheldon Keefe, it was revealed that Andersen would once again get the start on the Western trip, leaving Hutchinson back on the bench. 

As for the other guy, we have no clue what he was doing there, but clearly (good news for Hutchinson) he has not become the next Leafs backup. 

Keefe explained to Shilton that he had the intention of giving Hutchinson the start in Calgary, but Andersen was so good in Vancouver they couldn’t.

What about now? 

“Today is a lighter day and [Freddie’s] workload hasn’t been that great this week as a whole so we just feel like going back with him is important.”

It was also confirmed that forward Frederik Gauthier will get back in the lineup against the Oilers on Saturday after being a healthy scratch for four contests.