Three NHL players make the list of the “most punchable” athletes in sport.

Three NHLers make a list of guys you'd love to punch in the face.

Three NHL players make the list of the “most punchable” athletes in sport.

First and foremost we hope everyone reading this is intelligent enough to realize this by no means excuses any sort of physical violence to any of the players mentioned here or any of the players on the list.

Recently Grandstand Sports has published a list of the ten most punchable athletes in all of North American pro sports, and three members of the National Hockey League made the final cut and all of them were around the center of that list. Here they are in reverse order.

Coming in at number seven on the list is Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane with Grandstand citing the accusations leveled against Kane, despite the fact that they were only ever shown to be accusations, as well as his past drunken behavior including an assault on a taxi cab as many or more "drunk photos as Johnny Football."

Next up at number five was widely reviled Bruins forward Brad Marchand, and while his entry on the list doesn't require an explanation Grandstand gave a rather vitriolic one anyways. According to Grandstand  'pesky', 'scrappy' or 'nuisance' are all just code words for "huge piece of sh*t," a rather harsh description of the talented Bruins forward


Last but not least on the list at number four is Marchand's former teammate Milan Lucic, who Grandstand describes much in the way that they described Marchand, stating that he has "crippling personality flaws" but adding that he has the physical attributes to lash out physically as well, earning him a higher ranking than his former teammate.

I'm sure there are a lot of fans who will agree and disagree with this list, but it's an interesting conversation to have nonetheless, who are your top three most punchable players in all of hockey?