Throwback: Bob Probert knocks out Tie Domi!

And reclaims the title of NHL’s heavyweight champion!

Published 3 years ago
Throwback: Bob Probert knocks out Tie Domi!

This one will be well remembered by long time fans of the National Hockey League if only due to the sheer level of star power involved in it.

Tie Domi was in his second NHL season when he dropped the gloves with Bob Probert for the first time. By the time it was over, Domi was declaring himself the NHL’s new heavyweight champion as he skated to the penalty box.  Probert was left bloodied on the ice of the first period as the Red Wings and Rangers played to a 5-5 tie Feb. 9, 1992 at Madison Square Garden.

There would be another round! 

It would take place months later on Dec. 2, 1992 at Madison Square Garden. Probert wanted revenge for losing the first bout and was ready to fight for the title. 

The fight lasted about 45 seconds and came to an end when Probert  sent Domi tumbling to the ice with a big right hand.

There was no doubt about who was the winner here even if Domi played to the crowd as if he won. Red Wings captain Steve Yzerman mocked him from the bench, acting as if he were putting on a heavyweight championship belt.

Just a great throwback fight to watch again and again during the NHL pause: 

Source: HockeyFeed