Throwback: Domi beats the wheels off a Flyers fan in the penalty box!

Throwback: Domi beats the wheels off a Flyers fan in the penalty box!

Probably the craziest thing I've ever seen at an NHL game.



Throwback to March 29th, 2001 at the then named Wachovia Center (now the Wells Fargo Center) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a relatively routine regular season game between the Philadelphia Flyers and Toronto Maple Leafs.

Sure, the Flyers and the Leafs had a decent rivalry in those days… but no one could have foreseen the events that would unfold that evening. While serving five of his career 3,515 penalty minutes a cranky Tie Domi decided to mess with some Flyers fans who were razzing him in the penalty box. Things started off innocently enough with Domi throwing some chirps their way. Things escalated when Domi decided to squirt a water bottle up into the crowd to cool off his hecklers. That’s when things went completely off the rails…

That’s when Chris Falcone of Havertown, PA had his wires crossed, attempted to grab Domi overtop of the protective glass and ended up crashing through the glass and into the penalty box. Neither Falcone or Domi were fazed by the broken glass and both immediately began throwing punches.

It was an INSANE scene that required all of the on-ice officials and arena security to break the two apart.

Check it out:

15 years later, Domi and Falcone admitted to patching things up behind the scenes.

“He’s a great guy Chris,” Domi said when speaking to Falcone over the phone on a Philly radio station back in 2015. “How you doing?”

“Actually, I didn’t get my ass kicked,” Falcone clarified, responding to the radio personalities introduction. “We met underneath the Wachovia Center, it was cool.”

“But how did we solve it? We solved it like two street guys,” Domi explained. “No lawyers, no nothing. We shook on it. You came with your family to two playoff games in Toronto. I put you up here, everything is good now. I’m really glad it all worked out and people really have to know the truth on what happened. You’re a great guy and a family guy and I’m happy everything is behind us.”

“You too man,” said Falcone, “You too.”

Domi, understandably, was public enemy number one in Philadelphia for a long time and even to this day, he says, the rivalry continues. And Domi loves it.

“The fan mail I get from the Philly fans is just incredible, it’s more than any place in the whole league to tell you the truth…I played it up in Philly, especially for the fans,” Domi said. “They were on me and I would kind of taunt them on too, so it was a lot of fun.”