Throwback: Nearly 45 years ago today Terry O'Reilly & Bert Wilson have a short & wild scrap.

We go way back for this one.

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This one is over almost as quickly as it starts but the energy displayed by both these men will make you nostalgic for the good old days of old time hockey in the National Hockey League. 

We need to go back a whopping 44 years for this one and it took place on this very day all the way back then, a scrap between two tough customers in Terry O'Reilly and Bert Wilson. O'Reilly was playing for the Boston Bruins at the time and Wilson was in his only season as a member of the St. Louis Blues for this one with both teams wearing the iconic colors that they still use to this day.

I think it is safe to say that Terry O'Reilly gets the better of Bert Wilson in this one although Wilson was holding his own here before he was grabbed from behind, a situation that gave O'Reilly a clear advantage in the scrap. Unlike in the modern NHL however when the officials step in and try to seperate things, instead of cooperating the players involved begin throwing even more blows as they look to get their pound of flesh before the officials can get control of the situation.