Throwback: Potvin beats the wheels off Hextall in the greatest goalie scrap of all time

An absolute classic! Felix The Cat can throw down!

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There’s nothing quite like a goalie fight. We’re old school around here in that we LOVE a good old fashioned scrap and when the goalies throw down… well it’s just like having your cake AND eating it too.

There have been some legendary goalie fights over the NHL’s 100+ year history, no doubt. 

Patrick Roy vs Mike Vernon:

Ray Emery vs Martin Biron:

Dan Cloutier vs Tommy Salo:

Billy Smith vs… well pretty much whoever he damn well felt like:

But arguably the greatest goalie fight in NHL history came when we least expected it. On November 10th, 1996, Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender Felix Potvin shocked the hockey world by absolutely DUSTING Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Ron Hextall.

At the time, Hextall was (and still is) an absolute legend. Hextall is typically regarded as the toughest goalie in NHL history and NEVER backed down from physical play. He was tough, mean, dirty and that’s what endeared him to the Flyers faithful. But on November 10th, 1996, Hextall would finally get a taste of his own medicine courtesy of Felix the Cat.

Check it out: