Tickets reach outrageous price to see Connor Bedard on opposing ice! / Draft 2023  

Tickets reach outrageous price to see Connor Bedard on opposing ice!

Would you pay this much?



Everyone around the NHL is eagerly waiting to see first overall pick Connor Bedard on the ice with the Chicago Blackhawks this season. In Montreal, the Canadiens’ fanbase won’t have to wait too long to see the star rookie in action as the Habs play hosts to the Hawks on October 14th. It will be Bedard’s third NHL game.

The issue for these fans in Montreal is that the price of tickets is jacked up per TVA Sports. If you’re looking for very good tickets, it will cost more than $2,000.

It’s important to point out that the Habs have yet to put their tickets on sale to the general public. That will take place from 10:00 a.m. on September 11.

The resale prices are from season-ticket holders looking to cash in on Bedard’s popularity. The cheapest seats, found at the very back in section 433, are selling for $295 each. For two tickets closer to the action, in the red sections, prices vary between $567 and $2,152.50.

You have to factor in that it is also be the Canadiens’ first home game. But this is very expensive.

When it comes to Bedard’s first ever NHL game in Pittsburgh, the frenzy isn’t as nuts and there are still several tickets at cost price.

The cheapest, in the last rows of the PPG Paints Arena, retail for US$128. Fans can also still find tickets available at the 100 level at a much more reasonable price than in Montreal, for US$205.

The Blackhawks are set to play heir first five games on opposing ice. They will then make their rebut in Chicago on October 21st against the Stanley Cup defending champion Vegas Golden Knights.

The cheapest ticket (on resale) is sold for US$170.

I guess price goes up when the game is played north in Montreal!

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Source: TVA Sports