Tie Domi calls Scott Stevens the “biggest phony he ever played against”

Domi says Stevens was not a tough guy

Published 3 years ago
Tie Domi calls Scott Stevens the “biggest phony he ever played against”

Tie Domi and Scott Stevens were NHL tough guys when fighters and goons were still considered major players in the leagues. Over the course of their careers, the two crossed paths many times, and you would think there was a mutual respect between the two. That is definitely not the case, at least when it comes to Domi. 

Domi-who is best remembered for his time with the Toronto Maple Leafs, although he also spent seasons with the New York Rangers and Winnipeg Jets-recently appeared on the Cam and Strick podcast, which features former NHLer Cam Janssen and longtime NHL reporter Andy Strickland. Domi was asked about playing against Scott Stevens, widely considered one of the best hitters to ever lace up skates in the NHL. Domi did not hold back at all. 

"Scott Stevens was the biggest phony I ever played against," said Domi. "Honesty, I chased that guy for years. He was such a phony it was a joke." 

"Scott Stevens was the biggest phony out there," he continued. "The guy used to target all the best players on my teams and I always tried to fight him and he would never fight. He never stuck up for anything...that a hockey player stands for. And he never, ever answered the bell. Ever. Ever." 

"We had a bench-clearing brawl with the [New Jersey] Devils one time and he bear-hugged me so hard it was unbelievable...I said 'let go, I'm going to beat the sh-- out of you' and he wouldn't let go. He was holding on so tight." 

Domi added there was a game where he elbowed Scott Niedermayer while Stevens was in the penalty box. He said Stevens made a huge scene and he thought 'great, he's finally going to fight me.'

"And I played against him again the following year, and he wouldn't even look at me," claimed Domi. 

Domi admitted Stevens was a very good hitter, but said he targeted the "wrong guys at very vulnerable times."

"Scott Stevens is a tough guy? Come on, give me a break." 

Source: Twitter