Tie Domi goes viral for reaction to Max Domi fight

Probably not the reaction many were expecting!



Tie Domi still holds a special place in the hearts of Toronto Maple Leafs fans as one of their cherished former players. Despite his son Max previously playing for the rival Montreal Canadiens and occasionally teasing his father's former team, Max decided to take his talents to the Maple Leafs as a player himself, signing a one-year contract during this past offseason.

And during last night's game against the visiting New Jersey Devils, the younger Domi dropped the gloves against New Jersey's Simon Nemec after he was attempting to antagonize superstar forward Auston Matthews. 

One would think that the elder Domi, who was notorious for dropping the gloves countless times during his career, would be on his feet cheering on his son carrying on the family business. However, he went viral on social media for looking less than pleased with his son's actions! 

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Source: Twitter