Tie Domi: “Scott Stevens was the biggest phony I ever played against”

Tie throws down a challenge to Scotty. Let's go, boys!

Published 3 years ago
Tie Domi: “Scott Stevens was the biggest phony I ever played against”
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Hall of Famer Scott Stevens had a certain reputation during his playing days. If you're unfamiliar with the legendary blueliner's exploits... well do yourself a favour and check this out:

In case you haven't figured it out, the guy was an absolute BEAST is and is generally considered to be the best open ice hitter in NHL history. Of course, this is a matter of opinion and there are certainly individuals out there who not don't necessarily agree. Count former NHL tough guy Tie Domi in the latter group.

On a recent episode of the Cam and Strick Podcast Domi went on a tirade against Stevens, even recounting a situation where Stevens chickened out of a scrap. 

Check it out:

“Scott Stevens was the biggest phony I ever played against,” Domi said after a quick chuckle. “Honestly, I chased that guy for years. He was such a phony, it was a joke. Let me put that out there.”
According to Domi, Stevens constantly ducked fights with him despite the ex-defenceman having no issue checking other players.
“That guy used to target all the best players on my teams and I always tried to fight him, and he would never fight,” Domi claimed. “He never, ever, answered the bell.
Domi recalled one past incident when there was a bench-clearing brawl in a game between the Devils and New York Rangers, who he played for at the time. Even though there was plenty of fighting, Stevens allegedly never engaged with Domi.
“Him and I ended up on the bench. He was bear-hugging so hard, I said ‘let go, I’m going to beat the s— out of you’ and he wouldn’t let go. He was holding on so tight.
“He was a good hitter, obviously, but he targeted the wrong guys at very vulnerable times and he never answered the bell.
“Scott Stevens, a tough guy? Give me a break."
Source: Sportsnet