Tim Peel buries Stuart Skinner and the Edmonton Oilers.

Tim Peel buries Stuart Skinner and the Edmonton Oilers.

The disgraced former NHL referee believes the Stanley Cup Final is already over.

Jonathan Larivee

Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final will take place later tonight and we could even see the Stanley Cup awarded should the Florida Panthers complete the sweep of the Edmonton Oilers, something that is a forgone conclusion according to one man.

Disgraced former National Hockey League referee Tim Peel has not shied away from sharing his opinions on the sport since he was unceremoniously fired back in 2021, and that has not changed at all during the Stanley Cup Final. Peel has been very down on the Oilers in this series and even took the time to call out one Oiler in particular after a poor performance in Game 3 of the series.

Despite the lackluster play of the Oilers defense and the absence of the Oilers highly touted power play in the Stanley Cup Final, it was goaltender Stuart Skinner who was the target of Peel's criticism.

"I’m not blaming Stuart Skinner but this is the Stanley Cup Final. 4 goals on 19 shots is not good enough," wrote Peel following Game 3.

It would seem that Peel has already thrown in the towel on behalf of the Oilers, with the former NHL referee already crowning the cats as your 2024 Stanley Cup Champions.

"What a disappointing SCFinal! Would [the Dallas Stars] have given the Cats a better challenge?" asked Peel in a tweet.

When Peel was reminded that Game 4 is later tonight and that the series is not yet over, he doubled down.

"Yeah they are!," said Peel when reminded that the Finals are not yet over.

The Oilers will get the chance to prove Peel wrong, or right, later tonight.