Tim Peel calls for 2 former NHL players to enter the Hall of Fame.

Tim Peel calls for 2 former NHL players to enter the Hall of Fame.

Disgraced former NHL referee Tim Peel is demanding 2 names be added to the Hall Of Fame.

Jonathan Larivee

Since being unceremoniously fired by the National Hockey League in what would have been his final season as a referee, disgraced former referee Tim Peel has been quite vocal on social media when it comes to the sport of hockey.

Peel, who has seemingly been cut loose, has not been shy to wade into controversial topics and on Sunday he risked doing so once again by making a proclamation regarding a pair of NHL greats. Peel, who does not get a vote when it comes to the Hockey Hall of Fame, argued that two American born players who have yet to be entered into the Hall deserve a spot among their peers.

The two players that Peel feels belong in the Hall are former NHL forward Keith Tkachuk, and former NHL forward Jeremy Roenick. Peel wasn't just arguing from a personal perspective either, bringing up both players stats in an effort to make his case for why they deserve to be enshrined in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Tkachuk's impact on the sport has now extended well beyond his playing career with both his sons, Brady and Matthew Tkachuk, becoming stars in their own right in the current era of the NHL. For this reason I could see public sentiment swaying some votes in his favor, but it is an entirely different story for Roenick.

The Hall of Fame is meant to be a recognition of your accomplishments on the ice, but unfortunately for Roenick I feel recent controversies in his life have damaged his chances. Roenick was recently fired from his role as an NHL analyst after he made regrettable comments about a female co-host, and the fallout from that incident could impact potential votes in a negative manner.

Of course there are many players that you could make a case for, but do you agree with Peel? Do Roenick and Tkachuk belong among their peers in the Hockey Hall of Fame?